Concrete Floor Construction

Concrete flooring is commonly referred as a basement floor of the building. This floor is made of cement or epoxy, either in loose or compacted form. The flooring can be engineered in any size, shape, texture or color that a house owner wants. Generally a concrete floor offers an enduring surface above a solid base support structure. Its composition and design are usually chosen for aesthetic, structural, cost and practical reasons.Flooring Installation – Can I Install over Existing Floor?

Concrete floors can be made of any material, ranging from natural clay to enhanced concrete, from loose-packed soil to cement. It can also be made from any mixture of cement, sand, gravel and other materials. The most commonly used material in concrete is cement. The most common flooring materials are cement and sand. It is very important to make sure that the ground of the house is at the right temperature and that there is enough moisture present. Proper drainage is very much necessary for this kind of flooring material. If water gets inside the house, it can cause many problems.

Cement is a hard and dense material that can resist heat and pressure. The thickness of the cement and its mix determines the strength and durability of the concrete flooring material. In a traditional type of flooring, one can choose between wet and dry concrete, which are different in composition.

A solid foundation is essential for the floor construction and provides the strong surface that can support any weight. To build a solid base, a concrete, sloped floor is used. Sloped floors can be of any design and can be engineered according to the existing structure. The most common type of sloped flooring is the stepped concrete, which is used to create stairs and access ways in buildings. This flooring is usually found in hotels and other buildings that have many levels vat tu hop coppha nhua.

Concrete floors can also be installed as part of an exterior wall. There are certain types of concrete that cannot be used as a part of the interior floor. Such concrete is called interlocking concrete or pulverized concrete. These types of concrete to provide a seamless look. If one desires a smooth look, he has to use the pulverized concrete, which is a mixture of two or more types of concrete and is used as a sealant.

Concrete is used extensively as a flooring material. It has numerous advantages over traditional flooring materials like wood, tiles, marble and carpet. When concrete is used as a floor, the material becomes impervious to moisture, can be easily cleaned and is stain resistant and can retain its original beauty.

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