How much do you know about Curved glass screen protector?

Every year Smartphone companies are coming out with newer models. All the new handsets are having new designs and different specs. We as a tempered glass screen protector company understand the need of the high-quality product that can protect your Smartphone’s glass screen completely. Over the years we have continued our research and development to create latest screen protectors in order to keep up with ever-changing and evolving Smartphone designs.

Entry of Curved Glass Screens

These days we are keeping track with the latest development in the Smartphone’s design segment is its curved screen. All the handsets designed by manufactures of handsets are strikingly beautiful and high-quality finishes. This development also means that we as tempered glass screen protectors manufacturer are now facing an extremely difficult and challenging task of keeping this type of curved phone under protection.  We need to carefully examine the severity of the curve as we need to maintain the specs such a way that our curved tempered glass screen protector can safeguard this latest design of Smartphones.

Now, let us show you some example where you can see how the latest phones have changed their specs to make it more user-friendly.

iPhone Tempered Glass Screen

We will take iPhone 6 for our example- It has a larger flat surface as screen with curved edges all over the borders.  Our product will sit perfectly on the surface of it.

Android Handsets

Brands like OnePlus and HTC too are making curved screen for their flagship models. Most of the traditional tempered glass screen protectors do not cover the entire screen so there are open and exposed spaces in those phone which have chances of getting damaged. Moreover, smaller screen protectors will look extremely odd and ruin the beauty of your expensive Smartphone. Smaller tempered glass screen protectors can impair visibility as well as transparency level. It can also trap dust and chances are high that air bubbles can form underneath this small screen protector.

In our effort, we have developed different types of tempered glass screen protectors that are apt for all the latest phones which have curved screen such as OnePlus3, iPhone, HTC10 etc. We have carefully measured every spec and mould the protector accordingly.  This type of screen protector is way ahead from the traditional tempered glass screen protectors. You will fill the phone without any difficulties as it gives you an ease with which you can handle the phone easily. Touch-sensitivity too is really good. Moreover, our latest curved tempered glass screen protector has excellent adhesive, shatter-proof and Oleophobic coating. If you perform the installation properly, keeping the alignment in the right way then you have smooth experience while taking calls or making calls.  Our curved tempered glass screen protectors cover the entire glass screen surface of any latest Smartphone which has a curved screen thus assuring complete protection. Remember, hardness of these new curved tempered glass screen protector is 9H, which means endurance and durability too are higher.

We have tried our best to explain the differences and why you should opt for curved tempered glass screen protector over other screen protectors for your latest Smartphone which has a curved glass screen.

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