Tiktok and its verification processes

I don’t know how many of you know about the Tiktok app. If you don’t know yet, then listen to me. It’s an app developed by some coders from the United States. It has millions of members from various countries at this stage. And, they use this app for so many activities. Even though the app was designed targeting the youngsters, the app has a wide range of audience from varying age groups. That’s the secret key of the success behind Tiktok. Every generation ejoys having the fame by uploading their private videos, be it songs or comics. Poeple spend most of their free time on Tiktok to forget all their sad memories.

For what people are using Tiktok

1. To spend time – It’s a great platform to kill your free time. You can make it creative by producing your own videos using popular songs. Choose songs that are trending on Youtube and then you’ll get proper attention from other members.
2. To become famous – It can also be used as a place to gain some popularity over the web. There are some examples for this. A user from the United States has become a pop star by starting over Tiktok a few years ago. Now, he has lots of fans online as well as in real life.
3. To pick up girls – Yes, no wonder that Tiktok has become a platform to get dates. If your music attracts the girls, there’s a chance that they will give you a date. You can meet them up at a nearby cafe and have a date with them. For this, try to seduce girls from your area. Otherwise, they won’t come that far to meet you. Yes, it works, and my friends on Tiktok have proved it.
4. To practice as a singer – Since this is a platform of music, you can practice over here to improve your singing skills. You can open up your smartphone anytime and make a video of a trending song and act for this to make the video. Then post it on your feed and let the viewers vote for your performance.

These are some of the most popular activities people are doing on Tiktok, and there might be more. To know that, we need to conduct a survey otherwise no options to know such secrets. In my opinion, only verified profile should be able to use the app because Tiktok has a blue tick verification to feature genuine users.

Reference – https://gumroad.com/l/musically-crown-generator-for-2018

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